Forum for Pharmacy


Forum for Pharmacy (FoP) is an organization established in 1999 by the pharmacy students of Kathmandu University (KU) for the welfare of pharmacy education and the profession as a whole with an objective to work for professional and academic activity in and out of KU. This organization is independent to organize its activities within the limit of its objective under the umbrella of KU.


  • Carry out different activities to improve knowledge skill and attitude of the students in professional and academic matters.
  • Organize different activities to the communities for the social benefits. The different activities includes the following:
  • Publication of pharmaceutical related newsletter, bulletins, posters etc comprising student and faculty activities including drug information which is beneficial to the medical and non-medical personals.
  • Organization of social work beneficial to the society in relation to the pharmacy. This may include training and other education programs.
  • Organization of talk programs.
  • Find out resources to carry out research and development work.
  • Development of relationship between pharmaceutical industries and the pharmaceutical activities.
  • Organization of interaction program among students.
  • Encouragement of members in the research and development works.

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Year 2020

  • 18th Annual General Meeting of Forum For Pharmacy (FoP)
    Speech of Exam Controller of KU Prof. Dr.Panna Thapa, Dean of SOS KU Prof. Dr.Kanhaiya Jha, Assoc Prof Dr. Rajani Shakya, Assoc Prof Dr. Uttam Budhathoki, and Chairperson of IPSF APRO Mr. Cheng Hsuan Tsai. Annual reports were presented by all the executive members of the year 2019/20. The official newsletter of FoP "Pharma-Quest" was released as a digital publication 2020 Issue. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uttam Budhathoki, Staff Coordinator of FoP introduced the newly nominated executive committee of FoP for the year 2019-2020.

  • Talk Program on World Suicide day prevention Day 2020
    Forum for Pharmacy organized a talk program on the present COVID-19 scenario and how this pandemic has resulted in various mental health problems, as a pre-event of World Suicide day prevention Day 2020. Our guest speakers were Dr. Sameer Mani Dixit and Dr. Dhana Ratna Shakya. Dr. Sameer Mani Dixit is a Public Health Scientist, General secretary at Nepal Public Health Foundations, Vice President at GARP Nepal. Dr. Dhana Ratna Shakya is a consultant Psychiatrist, Head. Nepal National unit of UNESCO chair in Bioethics, Editor in chief at BPKIHs. This program was organized to urge people to make the necessary life changes to minimize the chances of catching or spreading coronavirus Covid-19, to make people aware of the safety measure that can be implemented while going out like wearing masks, gloves, using sanitizer, keeping a distance from people and many more. This program focused on knowledge sharing about the sign and symptoms of depression and how can we prevent it at a very early stage to lower the risk of suicide. More than 150 participants were present in the Talk Program organized by FoP. This was organized as pre-evet of World Suicide day prevention Day.

  • Photo-Video Campaign on World Suicide day prevention Day 2020
    On September 10, 2020, we organized a photo-video campaign as our main event of World Suicide day prevention Day 2020, with the theme "Awareness of Suicide Prevention" featuring photos, pamphlets, and videos made by our board and general members in FoP's social media. We shared informative photos and videos to promote awareness about mental illnesses associated with suicide as well as suicide prevention and decrease stigmatization regarding suicide.

  • National Science Day Webinar 2020
    On the occasion of National Science Day 2020, Kathmandu University School of Science and School of Engineering proudly presents "Combating COVID-19: A national webinar" with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Nepal. Forum for Pharmacy is glad to be coordinating this interdisciplinary webinar. This is a great opportunity to watch how experts from various fields work to combat the COVID-19. National Science Day is celebrated every year to promote the contributions of Science and Technology to the Nepalese community. FoP contributed to organizing, technical support, and moderation of the event. The opening ceremony and moderation of the whole webinar were done by FoP President Ms. Shristi Prajapati. On behalf of FOP, Mr. Santosh Thapa, Doctor of Pharmacy, Alumni of Pharmacy depart KU presented on the topic "Life during COVID-19: Call on Save Your Science." Mr. Santosh Thapa is now working as Head of Pharma Operations at Jeevee Health Pvt. Ltd.

  • World Pharmacists Day 2020 Webinar
    A webinar on "Transforming Global Health" was conducted on the occasion of World Pharmacists Day 2020. Opening remarks were given by Exam Controller of KU Prof. Dr.Panna Thapa, Dean of SOS KU Prof. Dr.Kanhaiya Jha, Assoc Prof Dr. Rajani Shakya, Assoc Prof Dr. Uttam Budhathoki, Our facilitators were Mr. Asta Ratna Prajapati and Santosh Thapa. Mr. Asta Ratna Prajapati, a KU Graduate is the consultant Pharmacist at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and a researcher at the University of East Angelia. He delivered his presentation on the topic of "Do patients take their medicine? Evolving Role of Pharmacist." Asta Sir helped us to understand about Patients Adherence and it's importance in the therapies.

    Similarly, Our second Guest is Mr. Santosh Thapa Doctor of Pharmacy, working as Head of Pharma Operations at Jeevee Health Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Thapa completed his undergraduate as well as his Post – bachelor degree in pharmacy from Kathmandu University. He presented on the topic "Digital Health: A Pharmacist perspective". Many pieces of information regarding digital health were discussed which include wearable gadgets to investible sensors from health apps. More than 120 participants were present in the Talk Program organized by FOP.

    We had also organized a short quiz game in the interval of the speech program which was also successfully organized. Apart from this, we had also organized an article writing competition and Pharmacartoon competition. The topic of the article writing competition was: Rational use of antibiotics, Import restrictions in medicine and How Pharmacists can improve patient safety and drug efficacy.

    Similarly, the topic of the Pharmacartoon Competition was "Transforming Global Health". The winner of the Pharmacartoon Competition and Article Writing Competition was Ms. Pratikshya Rana Magar and Mr. Gulam Moiz Khan respectively. The winner was provided with an electronic certificate of achievement. Similarly, the Pharmaquest team had created the Facebook 
    frame to remark the World Pharmacists Day 2020 and we had realized on the same day.

  • Social media Awareness on Diabetes day 2020
    We shared an infographic as an awareness post on our social media on the theme "The Nurse and The Diabetes" to mark World Diabetes Day 2020. It comprised of types of diabetes, symptoms, preventive measure, risk factors, treatment of diabetes so that our general members as well as the general public become aware of this disease.

  • National webinar on Antimicrobial Resistance
    A National Level Webinar on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and its stewardship and its national policies and legal standards organized by the joint efforts of Forum For Pharmacy Kathmandu University (FOP), Pokhara University Students' Pharma Association (PUSPA), Nepal Pharmacy Students' Association (NPSA), ASM- Student Chapter Pokhara, Pokhara University Biomedical Association of Students, BMG Academy, Pharmacy Students Society of Nobel and Crimson Association of Pharma Students on the occasion of World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020. The theme of the event was "United to preserve Antimicrobials!" To mark World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020 we shared infographics containing information about Antimicrobial Resistance through social media. We had two webinar sessions on November 24, 2020. The first webinar on Antimicrobial Resistance and its Stewardship was facilitated by Mr. Krishna Gurung, Lecturer, Department of Microbiology, Prithivi Narayan Campus. The second webinar on National Policies and Legal Standards was facilitated by Dr. Binita Koirala Sharma, Lecturer, Department of Microbiology, Gandaki Medical College. The guest speakers for this webinar were Florensia Rahai Pujiyani, Chairperson, International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation-Asia Pacific Regional Office, and Dr. Shishir Gokhale, Professor, HoD Microbiology, Vice-Principal, Manipal College of Medical Sciences. This event was also live on the Facebook page of the Forum for Pharmacy.

  • Virtual Awarness Program on AIDS day 2020
    This virtual awareness program was organized by the forum for pharmacy in coordination with B. Pharmacy Batch 2019 students with the theme "Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Resilience and Impact". On this day, we shared infographics, photos, posters, pamphlets, and an informative video discussing the mode of transmission, symptoms, preventive measures of HIV & AIDS to aware students of Kathmandu University and the general public through our social media.

  • Discover IPSF APRO: Home Tour Project
    The Discover IPSF APRO: Home Tour Project is a project under IPSF APRO to collaborate with member countries under IPSF APRO to strengthen the brand recognition of the Federation. We organized a webinar session jointly with Nepal Pharmacy Students Association (NPSA) to provide our members with detailed information about IPSF, IPSF APRO, Student Exchange
    Programme (SEP), Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS), and other regional and global events, such as brief information on the World Congress (WC) and Good Pharmacy Practice Education (GPPed). The information-sharing regarding IPSF and APRO events was done by Ms. Florensia Rahati Pujiani, Chairperson of IPSF APRO, Mr. Baron Christopher, IPSF
    Student Exchange Committee, Mr. William Buhayo, IPSF APRO Chairperson of the APPS 2021, Manila. The experience sharing was done by Mr. Sagar Poudel, former Contact Person from NPSA, and Ms. Saubhagya Dangol, former Contact Person from FoP. In this program we encouraged students to be member of Forum for Pharmacy to grab international opportunities provided by IPSF and also notified them about the update of our organization’s official website as well.

Year 2019

  • 17th Annual General Meeting of Forum For Pharmacy (FoP)
    17th Annual General Meeting of Forum For Pharmacy (FoP) was held on 16 January 2019. The program was jointly inaugurated by Exam Controller Prof. Dr. Panna Thapa and Head of Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rajani Shakya. Dr. Shakya gave an opening remark and highlighted on the role of FoP in developing the professionalism in pharmacy students.Prof. Dr. Panna Thapa encouraged the FoP members for being united to develop and uplift the pharmacy profession in Nepal. President Mr. Pujan Neupane presented the annual report, Treasurer Ms. Aakriti Lamsal presented the financial report and Office Secretary Ms. Namrata Dhakal presented the various activities conducted by FoP in the year 2018-2019. The official newsletter of FoP “Pharma-Quest” was released as the first digital publication by Chief Editor Ms. Agya Regmi. The certificates for winners and participants of different programs conducted during the year were also distributed. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uttam Budhathoki, Staff Coordinator of FoP gave Vote of thanks to the executive team of year 2018-19 and introduced newly nominated executive committee of FoP for the year 2019-2020.

Year 2018

  • FoP Conducted Basic Life Support (BLS) and First Aid Training
    It is a training conducted by Canada based Heart and Stroke Foundation which focuses on the best way to give a CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) which included aspects that should be taken note of like: depth of the chest compression, frequency, ventilation rate, pausing intervals, etc. In Nepal, it was conducted by trained and certified doctors of Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital. Along with CPR, the trainees were informed about choking management in infants, children and adults. A total of 25 students were benefitted from this training. Upon completion of this training, they were provided a ‘BLS Provider’ card.
     Similarly, FoP also organized a first aid training with the support of Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital. The training concept and manual were designed by the Department of Emergency Services of Dhulikhel Hospital and the trained personnel’s of the department were the facilitators of the training. The training mainly focused on Wound Care, Suturing, Bandaging Techniques, Snake Bite and Insect Bite Primary Management, Choking Management, CPR, etc. A total of 24 students were benefitted from this training. This training has also been included in the routine annual event of Forum For Pharmacy and will be organized with the support of Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital.
  • Fourth Batch of FoP SEP Program
    Forum For Pharmacy had successfully re-established the Student Exchange Program, the longest standing and most popular initiative of IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students Federation) since its establishment. This year the students Ms. Elisabeth Drothler from Austria and Ms. Ruxandra Ioana Inte from Romania visited Kathmandu University as the fourth batch of FoP SEP Program. The students visited the two different industries Omnica Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. and Simca Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. They also participated in the Pharmacognostical Tour along with the students of Batch 2016. They had their Hospital Pharmacy Internship for 7 days in Dhulikhel Hospital Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital.
    The incoming students stayed in International Hostel provided by Kathmandu University for 18 days from 3 September - 20 September 2018.
  • FoP organized an awareness program
    Forum For Pharmacy (FoP) had organized an awareness program at NIST College, Banepa, Kavre on 2 January 2019. The program was organized as an extended community approach of the Awareness Program organized on 24 and 25 September 2018 on the occasion of World Pharmacist Day 2018 at Kathmandu University, Central Campus
    The presentation contents, flexes and banners were used for delivering the information on different health topics and burning problems of Nepalese healthcare. Along with the information on diseases, the students were taught about the correct way of drug administration and medical equipment’s like Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI).
    Around 100 students of grade 10 and 12 were benefitted from this awareness program.
  • Forum For Pharmacy (FoP) organized “Blood Campaign”
    Forum For Pharmacy (FoP), the departmental club of Pharmacy, had organized a one day blood campaign in collaboration with BloodPal Nepal on 9 December 2018 at Kathmandu University, Central Campus, Dhulikhel, Kavre. The major attractions of the program were Blood Grouping and Blood Group Card Distribution, Blood Sugar Test, Blood Pressure Measurement, Body Mass Index Measurement, Poster Presentations, Art Exhibitions, etc. The program was mainly focused on creating a database of the blood groups of the individuals. Around 280 individuals were benefitted from this campaign. The database created will be used for the emergency blood needs through phone calls, sms, and online platforms like Facebook, etc. The medical support was provided by Bhaktapur Heart and Diabetic Centre Pvt. Ltd. The program was supported by Student Welfare Directorate, Kathmandu University, Lions club of BHDC and We March.

  • Forum For Pharmacy (FoP) conducted a two day HYLB Leadership Training
    Forum For Pharmacy (FoP), the Departmental club of Pharmacy, successfully organised a two day HYLB Leadership Training on 25th and 26th May 2018 at Kathmandu University, Central Campus, Dhulikhel, Kavre. The program was organized in collaboration with Team NEPO (Native Enthusiastic People's Organization) and Habitat for Humanity Nepal. The materials and training package was designed jointly by Centre for Creative Leadership and Habitat for Humanity Nepal and brought to KU by Team NEPO. Assist. Prof. Dr. Rajani Shakya, Acting Head, Department of Pharmacy and Assist. Prof. Dr. Rajan Shrestha, Staff Coordinator of Forum For Pharmacy, welcomed the participants and the facilitators. Dr. Shakya gave an opening remark and highlighted on importance of this type of program for capacity building of young people.
    A total number of 32 students from Department of Pharmacy participated in the training that was held on Technical Training Lab (TTL) in Engineering Block.
    The training was focused on preparing the young leaders to work together to transcend the differences and transform the environments by providing them with leadership skills, training and capacity development through identified ladders of engagement. The training educated the participants about different leadership and communication skills and trained them in basic leadership skills, such as Developing Sustainable Projects and Communities, Creating Social Identity, Mental Models and Mindsets, Communication and Feedback, Values and Actions, Working in Teams, Change Happens, etc.

    On 24 September, FoP had organized an awareness programme as part of pre-event at Main Square, In front of Library at Kathmandu University, Central Campus, Dhulikhel at 10 am. The students of Bachelors in Pharmacy third year, fourth year and MPharm were mainly involved in delivering the information in different topics like Hypertension and Hypotension, Blood Sugar and Diabetes, Over-the-counter Medications, Antibiotic Resistance, Respiratory Problems, Communicable Diseases, Use of Different Drugs and their Storage and Blood Donation and its Systematics. The program highlighted the theme of 2018 i.e. Pharmacists: Your Medicines Experts. It was mainly targeted to the general students, faculties and staffs of Kathmandu University. The students had delivered the information using the posters and pamphlets from different stalls. There was great enthusiasm and responses from different inter departmental students. Around 500 students were benefitted. On the same day, second year students made rangoli of different symbols used in pharmacy.
    Similarly, there was Blood Pressure Measurement, Blood Sugar Measurement, Body Mass Index Measurement and Visual Acuity Test. About 200 individuals were benefitted from blood pressure measurement. The reports showed that majority of the audiences had normal blood pressure with very rare cases of hypertension. About 374 individuals were benefitted from Body Mass Index Measurement Stall. The reports showed that 300 participants had normal BMI, 36 were underweight and 38 were obese. About 124 individuals were benefitted from Visual Acuity Test. About 75 individuals were benefitted from Blood Sugar Measurement.
    Similarly, the Collage Competition, Pharmacartoons Competition and Slogan Writing Competition were also organized and there were maximum participation of students. The Art/Collage were evaluated for the position by voting. The arts were exhibited in the separate stall. Puspa Das, Gyanendra Prasad Das and Avishesh Gautam were the first, second and third winners for the Pharmacartoon competition. Similarly, Sudiskhya and group were successful in securing first position, Dibyata and group grabbed second position and Alpana and group secured third position in Pharmacollage. Pratik Chaudhary won first position in Slogan Writing competition, Sudha Yadav won the second position and Ram Binay Yadav grabbed the third position. 
    The programme was concluded with a group photo at 3:30 pm.
    On 25 September, based on the theme of World Pharmacist Day, a talk program and a documentary on “SNAKEBITE: THE WORLD’S IGNORED HEALTH CRISIS” was organized at CV Raman Auditorium of Kathmandu University, Central Campus, Dhulikhel.
    The talk program was inaugurated jointly by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rajani Shakya, Head of Department, Department of Pharmacy, Kathmandu University and Assist. Prof. Dr. Rajan Shrestha, Staff Coordinator of Forum for Pharmacy (FoP). Dr. Shakya had welcomed the guests and participant students and had encouraged the students to be competitive enough for leading the pharmacy profession in Nepal.

Year 2014

  • Forum for Pharmacy (FoP), KU organized ribbon distribution program and fund collection program for the AIDS victims on 01 December 2014. The students of B.Pharm 3rd year gathered at the gate as planned a day before to raise the fund for the health camp. The program started from around 8 am that day. In the occasion, condoms and ribbons along with pamphlets related to HIV AIDS. This year, FoP has initiated the activity on social welfare to AIDS victims. The collected fund was utilized to donate winter wears like gloves, socks, hankerchief and woolen cap to the 27 AIDS victimized children at Punarbal Aashram,  Sitapaila.
  • Sudarshan Memorial BP cup 2014:
    The various sport events like football, basketball, badminton and volleyball etc were conducted on the occasion of “Sudarshan Memorial BP cup 2014. The students from 2nd year (Batch 2012) took the major responsibilities for the event. This event is organized every year under Forum for Pharmacy on the remembrance of former staff late Mr. Sudarshan Shrestha. This sport event facilitates pharmacy students to get involved in various sports activities. Prize distribution of this event was done on 16 Jun 2014.
  • Kathmandu University, Department of Pharmacy Graduate’s Reunion:
    Organized at CV Raman Auditorium, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, on June 14, 2014 under initiation of Forum for Pharmacy (FoP). The program was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Panna Thapa, Exam controller and Dean, School of Science.Following his address to the graduates there were speeches of Dr. Rajani Shakya, Acting Head, Department of Pharmacy and Mr. Sailendra Shakya, Lecturer of Department of Pharmacy & staff coordinator of FoP. There was experience sharing from the graduates; 
    Mr. Jaya Bir Karmacharya, Managing Director, Omnica Laboratories, Mr. Robash Kusum Subedi, Factory manager, Vega Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Hiraman Shankhadev, Senior Pharmacist, Dhulikhel Hospital etc. The program was followed by discussion session, cultural program and closing dinner.

  • Pharmaquest- 2014 edition , the official newsletter was published and inagurated on 14 June 2014 at C.V. Raman Auditorium Hall, Kathmandu University. The newsletter was jointly inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Panna Thapa, Exam controller, KU and Dean, School of Science, Dr. Rajani Shakya, Acting HOD, Department of Pharmacy and Mr. Jaya Bir Karmacharya, Factory manager, Omnica Laboratories on the occasion of “Kathmandu University Pharmacy Alumni Reunion”.  The current edition of “Pharmaquest” newsletter was published by the team of seven members with Mr. Prakshit Niraula (BPharm, batch 2010) as editor in chief. This edition has been developed in magazine form and included various articles, interviews and experiences related to pharmaceutical science and healthcare system.

  • Blood Donation program was organized by Forum for Pharmacy (FoP) on the 06 June 2014. BPharm 1st year students under FoP took the responsibility of the program. The program was held at the backside of KU Library under the collaboration of the  Banepa Red Cross Society. Main purpose of program was to help the Red Cross gather blood and thereby aid in the supply of increasing blood demands at the hospitals. A total of 
    230 donors donated their blood. Most of the donors were the Undergraduate students from different faculties studying in Kathmandu University. Few faculty members and some local people also contributed to the program.

  • A Day free health camp was organized at Shree Krishna Gopal High School, Dhunkharka-2, Mahankalsthan, Kavre on 10 May 2014 (27 Baisakh 2071). With the lead role of BPharm students (3rd year), Forum for Pharmacy (FoP), Department of Pharmacy, Kathmandu Universityorganised the program in collaboration with Dhulikhel Hospital, Lion’s club of Kathmandu, Kanchanjangha, Shree Manakamana Bittiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd, Banepa and  Shree Krishna Gopal High School. Ten doctors (1 general physician, 1 ortho specialist, 2 ENT specialist, 4 Dentist, and 2 gynaecologists) from Dhulikhel Hospital were involved in the health camp. The eye specialists from Lion’s club conducted eye check-up. 13 patients were detected with cataract and free cataract surgery was arranged for them at  Lion’s eye care center, Kathmandu . Medicines were collected from 8 different pharmaceutical companies and donars viz. 
    Asian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., National Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Nepal Pharmaceutical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., Deurali Janta Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Omnica Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Simca Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Dhulikhel Health Office, Kavre and a medicine distributor from KathmanduAltogether 405 people were benefitted from the health camp.

Year 2013

  • Workshop on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
    Forum for Pharmacy(FoP) organized a one day workshop on “Good Laboratory Practice(GLP)” on December 20, 2013 in CV Raman Mini Auditorium, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel. The resource persons were Ms. Shova Basnet, Managing Director, Zest Laboratories and Manager Factory Operations and Q.A. Chief, S. R. Drug Laboratories and Ms. Shiwani Khadgi, Senior officer, National medicine Laboratories. The workshop started with the inaguration speech by Dr. Rajani Shakya, HOD, Department of Pharmacy and Mr. Shailendra Shakya, Lecturer, staff co-ordinator – FoP, presented the overview on GLP. About 55 participants, including Bpharm and Mpharm students, passed out students and teachers from department of pharmacy and other departments actively participated in the workshop.
  • World AIDS Day 2013
    On the occasion of WORLD AIDS DAY (2013), Forum for Pharmacy (FoP), KU, organized ribbon distribution program and fund collection program for the AIDS victims on 01 December 2013. The posters on awareness of HIV/AIDS were displayed at KU gate as well as gate at Department of Pharmacy. Beside these, awareness talk program was also organized to discuss about present scenario of HIV/AIDS in Nepal and in global scenario. Mr. Badri K.C., Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy delivered the presentation during the program.
  • Diabetes camp
    As a attempt to aware people about diabetes and to help to maintain quality life of diabetic patient, under the lead role of students of BPharm (Batch 2011), Forum for Pharmacy (FoP) organized one day Free Diabetes Camp at Shree Chandeshwori Higher Secondary School, Nala, Kavre district on 28th September 2013. The screening of blood glucose level of the patients along with free medical despensing and counselling services regarding diabetes was conducted during the camp. The doctors and lab technicians from Dhulikhel hospital provided the services to the patient. The medicines and the required daibetes kits were provided by Deurali Janata Pvt Ltd. and Nepal Pharmaceutical Laboratories Pvt Ltd. A total of 192 patients had their blood glucose level tested during the camp.
  • Talk program
    Forum for Pharmacy(FoP) organised a talk program on "Scope and Challenges of Hospital Pharmacy in Nepal" at Department of Pharmacy on 5 July, 2013. The guest speaker on the program was Mr. Chain Kumar Bajracharya, senior Pharmacist, Kathmandu Model Hospital. The program helped the students to know about the present scenario of hospital pharmacy practice in Nepal and the possibilities in its improvement.
  • Blood Donation
    One day Blood Donation Program was organized on the 22nd April 2013 at the social hall of Kathmandu University to help Nepal Red Cross Society to fulfill the demand of blood. The event was organized by Forum for Pharmacy (FoP) under the collaboration with Nepal Red Cross Society, Central Blood Transfusion Service, Kathmandu.  The 1st year pharmacy students took the major responsibilities to organize the program and 10 medical staffs from Nepal Red Cross Society and other pharmacy students volunteered in the program. The program was held from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and a total of 111 students, staffs and locals donated their blood in the program. Out of 111 donors, 89 were male and 22 were female. Despite the poor weather conditions and difficulty in accessing the blood donation site, large number of people participated in the program. 
  • Health camp and Awareness programme
    A one day free health camp was organized at Shree Bramayani Secondary School, Gairibisauna, Deupur-4 of Kavre district on May 4, 2013 (Baisakh 21, 2070). The main objective of the program was free health check up, free dispensing of medicines and counseling to the patients. The program was organised by Forum for Pharmacy (Fop), Kathmandu University in collaboration with Dhulikhel Hospital, District Health Office and Shree Bramayani Secondary School. Third year pharmacy students took the major responsibility to organize the health camp and many other pharmacy students volunteered the program. Nine doctors (1 general physician, 1 ortho specialist, 1 ENT specialist, 3 Dentist, and 2 gynaecologists) from Dhulikhel Hospital were involved in the health camp. Medicines were collected from 17 different pharmaceutical companies and District Health Office, Kavre. Altogether 413 people were benefitted from the health camp. Realizing the role of pharmacist toward public health and community, 3rd year pharmacy students under Forum for Pharmacy (FoP) also conducted a public awareness program on that day in providing awareness on oral hygiene, cleanliness, several diseases, menstruation, sexual and reproductive health and climate change. Pamphlets on the related topics were distributed during the program. Animations and cartoons, oral and slide presentation were also presented.  Around 200 people participated in the program. The participants were mainly secondary level students of Shree Bramayani Secondary School and the local people.

Year 2012

  • Health Camp:
    On Saturday, July 21, 2012, FoP organized a Free One day Health Camp in Shree Dedi Thumka Higher Secondary School, Kuntabesi, Kavre. Under FoP, 3rd year pharmacy students took the responsibility of the program. The camp was organized by FoP, under collaboration with Dhulikhel Hospital and Rotaract club of Budol. The main purpose of the program was free health check up along with free medicines distribution and counseling services. Dhulikhel Hospital, provided the medical manpower for the camp. Five doctors of different specialty (Eye, 1-ENT, 1-Gynae/Obs, 2-General Medicine) participated in the camp. Medicines required for the camp was collected from ten different pharmaceutical companies and District Health Office, Dhulikhel. Partial financial support was obtained from Rotaract Club and program organizing committee of Shree Dedi Thumka School. A total of 142 people had their health checked, ailments diagnosed, free medicine dispensed in the camp.

  • Blood Donation Program
    As per the program schedule of Forum for Pharmacy (FoP), Blood Donation Program was organized on the 5th of June, 2012. Under the co-ordination of Vice-President of FoP, BPharm 1st year students took the responsibility of the program. The event was organized under the collaboration of Nepal Red Cross Society, Central Blood Transfusion Service, Kathmandu at the dining hall of C.V. Raman Auditorium in Kathmandu University. The program was held between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and a total of 186 blood donors participated in the program. Most of the donors were undergraduate students from Kathmandu University. Few faculty members and staffs also donated in their blood. Out of 186 donors [Male: 158; Female: 28]. Among 158, majority, i.e. 102 were repeat donors. They had contributed to the program last year also. Compared to last year, number of donors this year,increased by 25 percent.

Year 2011

  • Blood Donation program:
    Was organized by Forum for Pharmacy (FoP) on the 6th of June, 2011. BPharm 1st year students under FoP took the responsibility of the program. The program was held at the basement in the C.V Raman Auditorium under the collaboration of the Banepa Red Cross Society. Main purpose of program was to help the Red Cross gather blood and thereby aid in the supply of increasing blood demands at the hospitals. A total of 151 donors donated their blood. Most of the donors were the Undergraduate students from different faculties studying in Kathmandu University. Few faculty members and some local people also contributed to the program. This year’s collection by far has the highest number of donors.

  • Free Health Camp:
    As the annual programme of Forum for Pharmacy (FoP), Free Health Camp was organized this year in Saping village of Kavre district on 11th of June, 2011(Jestha 28, 2068). The theme for this year’s Health Camp was free health check up and frees dispensing of the drugs. Keeping that on mind the 3rd year Pharmacy students, under the Forum for Pharmacy (Fop), Kathmandu University in collaboration with Dhulikhel hospital and Samajik Jagaran Manch organized a one day free health check up along with free medicine dispensing and counseling with the Dhulikhel hospital doctors in the respective place. Medicines for the camp were collected from nine different pharmaceutical companies, and District Health Office, Dhulikhel. 6 doctors of different specialty (1- Eye, 1- ENT, 1- Gynae/ Obs, 3- General Medicine) participated from Dhulikhel Hospital - Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital 
    . A total of 220 people had their health checked, ailments diagnosed, freee medicines dispensed along with proper counseling. FoP has been performing such health related awareness programs in the past and is dedicated to organize such program in future too.
  • Diabetes Camp
    Along with the students of Batch 2009, FoP organized a free diabetes checkup camp at the Dhulikhel Hospital (Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital) Dhulikhel Kavre in November 25, 2010. This camp focused on the checkup of the diabetic patients and had the provision of free medicines too.   People from different places visited the camp and had their checkup by Dr. Baburam Pokharel. Quest Pharmaceuticals and NPL helped FoP with the supply of medications. It was a one day program and was conducted from 9am to 4 pm.
    Total number of people who benefited from the camp were 68 (Males: 53 & Females:  15).  11 people were found to be diabetic. The people diagnosed with diabetes were provided with free medicines.

  • World AIDS Day
    The students of B.Pharm 3rd year gathered at the gate as planned a day before to raise the fund for the health camp. The day was December 1, 2010, AIDS DAY. The purpose of the gathering was to collect fund for the health camp to be organized by the 3rd year students. The fund collection was started from staff quarter where we got to see many teachers and collected fund from them. The program started from around 8 am that day. Some groups even collected fund from DMI staff quarter. At around 8.45 am all the students approached the main entrance gate and started collecting fund from teachers who come from bus and students who come through the entrance gate. In the occasion we distributed condoms and ribbons to all the students. We finished this program at 10.30 am.